Meenakshi Dixit Latest Photos

Meenakshi Dixit Latest Photos

Meenakshi Dixit

Meenakshi Dixit

Meenakshi Dixit-Latest Photos Meenakshi Dixit-Latest Photos1 Meenakshi Dixit-Latest Photos2 Meenakshi Dixit-Latest Photos3 Meenakshi Dixit-Latest Photos4 Meenakshi Dixit-Latest Photos5 Meenakshi Dixit-Latest Photos6 Meenakshi Dixit-Latest Photos7 Meenakshi Dixit-Latest Photos8 Meenakshi Dixit-Latest Photos9 Meenakshi Dixit-Latest Photos10 Meenakshi Dixit-Latest Photos11 Meenakshi Dixit-Latest Photos12 Meenakshi Dixit-Latest Photos13

Meenakshi Dixit (born 12 October 1988), is an Indian model, dancer, and movie actress. She had appeared in various Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu films. Meenakshi Dixit was born 12 October 1988 in [Rae bareli], India. She is the daughter of Ishwar Chandra Dixit, a senior lawyer, and Geeta Dixit. During her school and college years, she was noted for being an intelligent scholar. She entered dancing classes, training in various dances like Classical, Folk, Contemporary dances, and Salsa.


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